Disillusion 1 and 2 2012

The Diamonds Land collective formed by the photographers Rene Escalante and Paolo Tagliolini  has been working in this artistic project for more than seven years in which the satire about the system we live in is absolute protagonist. In 2016 contributed in the installation project “Zona de conflicto" at the Centro de la Imágen in Mexico city. 2015 Love Art Fair Toronto with Saúl Serrano Fine Arts Gallery. 2013 Collective exhibition “After Álvarez Bravo Mexican Photography Now” in the Museum of America within the 2013 Photoespaña festival. In December 2012 presented “Sobre arte y otras banalidades” at the Instituto de México in Spain. In October of that same year, participated at the Affordable Art Fair Mexico with the gallery Pablo Goebel fine arts.

In July 2011, Diamonds Land participated in the collective exhibition “Espacio Flexible” in the alternative art space of Mexico City, La Quiñonera along with Anonymus Gallery and La Curtiduría. In May 2011 at the first edition of the Milan Imagen Fair with the Italian gallery Camera 21 after the success obtained with the exhibition “Compro” Diamonds by Land, presented at its Roman headquarters in the official section of “ Fotografia Festival Internazionale di Roma 2010 “

The first time they presented the project “Compro” by Diamonds Land was in June 2009 in the gallery Carmen de la Guerra in Madrid. They took part with an illustration in the book: “1325 mujeres tejiendo la paz” and have been invited to participate in the edition of the book México cinco artistas contemporáneos curated by the renowned artist Néstor Quiñones.

Both artists studied photography at the Centro Cultural de Arte Contemporáneo in México D.F; have participated in various exhibitions and courses given by Graciela Iturbide, Eikoh Hosoe, Nils Udo o Ouka Leele, among others, these shared experiences and friendship that unites them was the starting point of the group “Diamond Land”

Both photographers have over 20 years showing their work in Mexico Italy and Spain in both collective and individual exhibitons, in galleries and art places such as: “Galería Spectrum” en Zaragoza, “Centro de la Imagen” en México D.F., “Museo del Chopo” México D.F., “Museo de Arte Contemporáneo” Santiago de Chile, “Galería Xanon” en Bilbao, “Instituto de México” en Madrid, “Politecnico di Milano” Italia, “Centro Culturale Lugi Russo Pietrasanta” Italia, “Istituto Europeo di Design” Madrid, and so on.

Trademark Invaders triptic 2017

Selective disposal  2007

First Exhibition 2008

México Mágico 2008

Diamonds Land Museum 2012



(word game which associates the need of a new form of education among art and how we think of it)


The limit of banality

Home Solutions for a Better World


After all, each artist takes his own road in the essential exercise of draining his surroundings to gain poetic adepts that at some point inspire him to create a masterpiece. Those who are touched by the magic wand of contacts, and of course on many occasions of hard work are the ones that flood the international art fairs. Those big display windows that form the VIP club: the great galleries, the great collectors or the great nepotism. But right at this point our head starts itching, envious itches of lacerating visual poetry, or even as a laxative because we wonder and we break our chrism to discern why it takes one path and not another. But the question is not what aesthetic or ideological direction it has taken, but why. One has to exist so the other may subsist, the world and the underworld, heaven and hell, art and emerging art, we could continue to antagonize but we prefer questioning and struggling to show what has no glimmer of winning, not to conquer, but at least to be mentioned. When the sensitive fibers touch each other, there is no pride that supports so much truth, and especially so much closeness.

We would like to urge the reader to come to know these "little things" that lurk and conspire in a healthy way against what so obviously seduces us, the visual re-education of the things that must contribute to us. Look around and become artists of your own existence, become rebels of your own self-imposed-yoke. In short, help us to be "healers" of what does not contribute to re-educate in something as "cool" (wonderful) as art in all its manifestations. That is, to make criticism from self-scrutiny. To speak only of the rottenness of the art world would be to put aside even more worlds, say infected by the "obvious". Let us promulgate a new event that in the future must be the educational contribution that artists must provide to society in general, because art calls any kind of person regardless of their social status.

Art has always served to raise awareness in general terms, depending on the historical and social context that has been used to politicize, demonize, sublimate, decorate, etc. Now, in this twenty-first century where visual education is distorted by advertising and television, we believe that people who are committed to art must propose this dichotomy of consciousness-education.

That is, to educate from the conscience, conscious that art can cure, that it can make you reconsider and it can help you avoid the imposition of blind civil obedience.


Buñuel Remastered 2009

Socializing 2009

Deposit 2009

5000 diamonds 2010


Untitled 1,2,3,4,5,6 poliptic 2012

Memoria Tattoo diptic 2010

Video Instalation 2010

The World it's at your reach 2009

Deputies theatre 2012

London 2012 (Olympic medal of the world’s leading arms producers) 2012

Vuiton pásame el Hermes Loewe presta tu Chanel en Burberry no seas Bulgari (Imposible to transalate) 2012

I Love sPain 2012

Road to nowhere 2010


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